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Wednesday, February 23, 2011

Bipasha Basu starts child labour controversy

Bipasha Basu's Twitter page was loaded with criticism after the actress posted a picture of two girls kneeling down and tying her shoelaces. Her followers commented that the two girls might be very young, and subjecting them to tie the actress's shoelaces and posting a picture of it was in crass taste.

In no time, the pic got extreme reactions, with some people accusing Bipasha of child labou, “Bipasha should be arrested for this act. Only then these film studios will not do any child labour,” wrote a follower. Another follower posted: “Disgraceful Bips - cannot believe you are dumb enough to add this photo on Twitter!”

Bipasha soon removed the pic from her Twitter page and and justified that the two girls weren't children, but her younger sister and her friend, who were playing with her by tying her shoelaces. Bipasha also added that people must stop blowing up silly issues and concentrate on real issues of child labour.

Bipasha later clarified that the pic was intended as a joke. Bipasha also hoped that those creating the controversy should actually do something about child labour.

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