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Thursday, August 4, 2011

Lady Gaga Wanted To Help Amy Winehouse

Lady Gaga, a self-admitted drug user, wanted to help Amy Winehouse before it was too late…but of course she was too busy. You know, conceptualizing costumes and stuff

Hollywood gossip websites listened in on Gaga‘s interview at Rolling Stone magazine, where the “Born This Way Singer” declared Amy to be the best young artist she’d ever met:

“It’s just too tragic. I wanted to talk to her and tell her that if she doesn’t stop she’s going to die. I wanted to talk her out of the drugs, but unfortunately I never had the chance to talk to her.”

But you’re the most powerful celebrity in the world. Couldn’t you have gotten on a plane and held a pow-wow with the girl whose powerful voice paved the way for you and other women in this male (and Madonna)-dominated music industry?

What is it they say about hitching the cart to the dead horse? Or was that wearing the meat without the fur? What about hatching an egg without a chick?

Never thought Mother Monster had it in her to mouth so many platitudes now her potential competition is off in the running. It’s not like that’s going to endear her any more to her millions of Twitter and Facebook followers, or anything…

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