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Saturday, August 13, 2011

Lady Gaga Wears People Clothes…Again

In what’s getting to be a habit, Lady Gaga was spotted wearing people clothes…for the fourth time in a row! Is she going through some sort of Mother Monster crisis? Has she gone off drugs again and can’t hallucinate another improbable getup other than flowing black or short off-shoulder black?

The first sign of trouble was when Hollywood news documented her wearing a nearly normal head-to-toe Salvatore Ferragamo houndstooth suit to the “The View”, the second time she was caught channeling Donatella Versace in a long and glamorous flowing black gown just outside Chateau Marmont where she treated waiting fans with McDonald’s as an apology for looking so…like a normal human being.

Then she did it again for the third time with a graphic-print off-shoulder cocktail dress at an L.A. recording studio!

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