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Wednesday, August 31, 2011

Rihanna Wants To Adopt A Kid

 Following in Madonna‘s footsteps, Rihanna allegedly wants to adopt a kid from Haiti. At 23, Rihanna doesn’t strike us as the maternal sort. So she wants to start mothering young, eh…but doesn’t want to sacrifice her uterus for it?

Hollywood gossip news has learned Rihanna‘s so excited about becoming a mom, she’s asked her mentor Jay-Z and infanticipating wife Beyonce to be god parents.

Now everyone knows this four-time Grammy-award winner has a workload so hectic she has to schedule her workouts during hair and make-up. How in hell will she find time for a kid?

“Rihanna doesn’t see herself having a biological child anytime soon because she doesn’t have a man in her life – plus, after all the drama with Chris Brown, she’s suspicious of guys.”

A source revealed,“But mainly, she says, she needs to make her life less about her and more about someone else.”

We get that she’s leery of getting anywhere near any prospective “flying fists of fury”, but if she really wants to make a difference, Somalia’s in sore need of a teensy percentage of her fortune.

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