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Sunday, September 18, 2011

I am still a child, says Dia Mirza

What does Dia Mirza regret? She says she misses not going to regular college and hanging out with friends.

‘I am still a child, I never let go of it. When I was younger, a big priority in my life was to go out and be independent, earn my own money…It was a great feeling of empowerment, of financial independence. Feeling secure of the fact that I have me to take care of me. And I think every women needs to feel that,’ Dia told IANS.

‘Do I regret not going to regular college and interacting with friends? Yes, to a certain extent I do miss the fun. But I think life has given me a whole different set of fun and experiences that I cherish.’

‘I believe every human being has a paradigm shift in their life. Every 10 year or every five years, they shift internally. My first shift was winning beauty pageant and suddenly doing everything that I never imagined.’

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