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Friday, December 9, 2011

Is Taylor Swift Dating Parachute Rocker WILL Anderson?

 Is Taylor Swift dating Parachute rocker WILL Anderson? Celebrity news tells us that the two are definitely getting close… but are they that kind of close?

Taylor, whose last relationship was with actor Jake Gyllenhaal, is now allegedly dating Will Anderson, who is the lead vocalist and frontman of the rock band Parachute.

The country singer reportedly went home to Nashville during Thanksgiving weekend to spend time with some friends—and, of course, Will.

Perez Hilton reports, “Taylor and Will are MORE than just friends!!!! We’re being told that whenever T-Swizz is in Nashville, she spends “at least 3-4 times a week” at Will‘s house.”

The blogger adds, “Oh, and we’ve also been informed that the two made snowglobes together! How romantic! AND the two posted the SAME PHOTOS on Instagram!!!!!”

Snowglobe-making does not a relationship make… but who knows?

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