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Saturday, August 25, 2012

“Bigg Boss” turns out for the common man

 The India biggest reality show "Bigg Boss" is all set to hit the small screen very soon, new format of clean entertainment has been incorporated in the show instead of controversies and non-stop fights.

This edition of Bigg Boss is not just about celebrities who will be entering Bigg Boss. The doors of the Bigg Boss house are now open for the common man.

Reportedly, the change in the format was formalized at the request of Salman Khan. The actor planned to prepare the next season of “Big Boss” a cleaner and friendlier version for family viewings.

According to media sources, “It was a joint decision between Salman and the broadcasters to clean up “Bigg Boss 6.” Salman has become a very big star today and has a huge fan following, especially among kids. It works for him and the broadcasters to get more eyeballs.”

“Fights and scandals won’t be the only entry ticket to the house. We’ll soon run a contest and anyone can get lucky and enter the show,” the source added.

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