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Wednesday, March 23, 2011

Kate Winslet Is Evan Wood's nude scenes Coach

Actress Evan Rachel Wood credits co-star Kate Winslet for helping her film nude scenes in HBO mini-series ‘Mildred Pierce’.

‘She coached me through my first nude scene. I mean, she’s done it all. She was literally next to the camera going [thumbs-up],’ Wood, 23, told E! News.

Winslet also advised her co-star to keep the number of spectators on sets to a minimum, reports

‘You keep the room as empty as possible. Just kind of being there for her, really, and letting her know there was someone to hold her hand and throw a robe over her at the right moment…made her feel better,’ advised Winslet, 35, who gave nude scenes in films like ‘Iris’ and ‘The Reader’.

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