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Saturday, March 26, 2011

Robert Pattinson on dealing with shirtless scenes

Women don’t seem to mind when Robert Pattison has his shirt off, and he doesn’t seem to be bothered too much, but he does enjoy when it’s over.

Pattinson revealed to ‘Entertainment Weekly’ that he works hard when he knows he will be shirtless like with ‘Twilight,’ states TOWLEROAD. “I just go crazy about it. It’s like the only thing I can talk about to anyone,” Pattinson said about getting into shape.

However, he apparently needs to make sure that he is done shooting before he goes crazy for food: “And then literally one day after my last shirt off scene I started being all [mimics eating voraciously] nom, nom, nom. And I didn’t realize I had one more [shirt off] scene, and you can see it in one of them- I’m clearly [exaggeratedly sucks in his stomach and cheeks].”

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