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Thursday, April 28, 2011

Man attacks Paris Hilton’s beau

 A man recently attacked socialite Paris Hilton’s boyfriend Cy Waits.

As the couple walked into a Van Nuys, Ca. court, a man took a swing at the pair, and landed a punch on the back of Waits ’s head. Waits was stunned by the hit but continued into the courthouse, protecting Hilton.

Officers took James Rainford, who is on probation for trespassing into Hilton’s exclusive gated community last October, into custody.

According to, Rainford told law enforcement officers that he was in love with her.

“Ricky Hilton said I could marry Paris. He gave me his blessing. I love Paris,” Rainford told cops.

According to a source, they searched his pockets and found pictures of Hilton and love notes to her.

Reporting the incident Hilton tweeted, “That other psycho intruder just punched Cy in the back of the head as we were walking into the court house. So scary!.”

Hilton and Waits were in court as witnesses in the case against Nathan Parada who broke into their home wielding a knife.

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