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Monday, April 25, 2011

Prince William and Kate Middleton's wedding Estimated At $34 Million!

The upcoming ROYAL WEDDING of Prince William and Kate Middleton is estimated to cost $34 million! The wedding of the century which happens this Friday also happens to be the priciest wedding in history!

So hopefully the marriage will last a lifetime as the Prince and the Princess-to-be remember in time who are footing the bills!

Radar Online gives us a breakdown of the big heart-stopping $34 million price tag and who’s paying what.

Security: $32 million. There will be thousands of police officers. And the fortunate British taxpayers are footing the bill.

Wedding Ring: $11,000. Prince William had to dig deep into his wallet for this simple but elegant gold band. William didn’t even have to fork out for the engagement ring which he gave Kate. It belonged to his late mother, Princess Diana; valued at $1 million.

Receptions: $600,000. The Queen is hosting a luncheon reception immediately after the wedding for 600 of the estimated 1,900 who will be attending the wedding ceremony. 300 guests have been invited to the dinner reception hosted by Prince Charles, William’s dad.

Wedding Gown: $434,000.! (You got to be frekking kidding me!) Kate’s lucky parents are paying for her gown, reportedly designed by Sophie Cranston, plus all the outrageously expensive and obviously gorgeous outfits she’ll wear to the receptions.

Wedding Cake: $80,000! Groom’s lucky daddy, Prince Charles is writing the check for the two cakes — traditional cream for Kate and white fruit cake for William. That works out to $134 per slice!

Flowers: $800.000! The Queen and Prince Charles are splitting this tab. Lucky grandmom!

Cleaning: $64,000. The British taxpayers get to pay for cleaning up; it will be a big mess the day after since one million people are expected to come out and witneness the big day.

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