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Sunday, May 29, 2011

Will We See A Jennifer Lopez Sex Tape Soon?

Will we soon add Jennifer Lopez‘s tape to our DVD celebrity sex tape collection? Perhaps! The latest Hollywood gossip says Lopez‘s disgruntled ex, Ojani Noa, has gained the right to release the naughty tape he made with Lopez eons ago when they were still a couple.

Jennifer Lopez has remained successful until now in barring he from releasing the tape due to a confidentiality agreement he signed. But the sneaky little manx has managed to worm his way around the law and sold the tape to his current girlfriend, who in turn will sell it to the masses.

“Claudia Vazquez has been allowed to release the home videos of Ojani and Jennifer. The project will deal with JLo’s rise to fame, and her marriage to Ojani. Claudia will be meeting with video distributors on Tuesday, and hopefully, a deal can be made very soon.”

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