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Sunday, February 6, 2011

Sonali Bendre denies wardrobe malfunction

Sonali Bendre has released a statement saying that she was wearing underwear to the party, after the paparazzi snapped some pictures of her reportedly without underwear and within minutes they were on the Internet.

The statement, sent by her publicist reads, "There have been malicious reports circulating online about a wardrobe malfunction concerning our client Ms.Sonali Bendre. On behalf of Sonali, we would like to clarify, that there is no truth to the story which has left both Sonali Bendre and her family highly grieved and disturbed."

The statement also denies her quote mentioned in the report. "The story also carries a quote attributed to Sonali which is utterly ridiculous. Our client belongs to a respectable family, is a mother and has always shared a very warm and cordial relationship with the media."

It further mentions that legal action will be taken against those who have publicized the story. "We would like to elucidate to all concerned that the story is fabricated by vested interests that aim to damage her reputation and hence request you to not credit it or encourage it. More importantly other sources further publicizing this malicious story, will face a legal notice."

We hope all this statement clears the air for now and ever.

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